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Play as Astro an astronaut stranded on mars. With the help of a befriended alien -'Hopper'- can you find and gather all the fuel for your space station?

Astro-Hopper is the project of a game design student with a focus on 3D art. The goal of this project was to produce two unique and high quality characters for use in a game from concept to production. This lead to the creation of a simple stylized sandbox being made for the characters that can be explored in this demo. 

It may take a little practice to get use to hopping around on mars but if you understand the controls you'll be a master in no time!

Controls & How to Play


Left StickMoveLean / tilt
Right Stick CameraCamera
Bottom Face Button (A/x)JumpDismount
Left Face Button  (X/▢)Interact-
Right Trigger- Pressed/ Released  -Squash (prepare bounce)/ Bounce
Left Trigger-Stomp
  • To mount Hopper just jump on top of him.
  • When you dismount Hopper mid-air, Astro can use the momentum to reach higher places.
  • Astro can push Rovers to let Hopper up to hard to reach places.
  • The power of your bounces depends of how fast you release the right trigger.
  • Prepare your next jump by pressing the trigger mid-air.
  • Time consecutive bounces well and your bounces will get more powerful!
  • Let Hopper squash fully before releasing the trigger to bounce again. Too soon and the next bounce will be small. Too late and you will need to build up the bounce power again.
  • If your skilled enough, you can use 'stomp' to build jump power up again quickly.


Astro-Hopper.zip 350 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract all. navigate to the application "Project_Hop" and click to play the game.

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